Wednesday, April 24, 2013

there's no shame in a second piece of pie

 A wise woman once told me that.  And well, it's true!
Especially when the pie is bigger than you head! And I have a big head, ask my sisters.

So, remember how I told you we're moving? It's all happening next week, and it just so happens, I'm off work for a week of vacation that same week.  I do really wish I was going somewhere different or doing something fun, but it's just not a reality right now.  So between packing and moving, I plan on spending time outside, sleeping in, playing with Kea, and I may squeeze a massage in there too.  
It'll be a big week, but a good week.  Can Friday come any faster?!
p.s. the pis is from Aphrodite's Cafe & Pie Shop on West 4th

Thursday, April 18, 2013

new home inspiration

photo via A Beautiful Mess with a great tutorial too!
We're moving! 
Not far though....about a 10 minute drive from where we currently live.  I had you fooled there, didn't I?!

Basically just to a new neighborhood.  Our current home is being knocked down to make way for fancy townhouses.  Oh, Vancouver! How you never surprise me!
Don't worry though, it wasn't a surprise.  We knew the time was coming for a little while, but now in just 13 days it'll be just me, the Bf, and Kea.  We've lived with a roommate (who is fab! and I'll miss seeing daily!), but I'm excited for it to be just the two of us for the first time.  A new first in our relationship.  We haven't had too many of those, considering we've been together for four years.  

With all of this being said, I've obviously had home decor and colour schemes on my mind.  I've been looking all over Pinterest, blogs, and magazines for inspiration.  One thing in particular, a blank slate of a wall.  I'd like to do something to it, a bright colour, stenciling, wallpaper/wall decals, the possibilities are endless! 
Here are a few ideas from around the web and I added in my ideal colour scheme!

photo via 
photo via Photo Wall
*Update: The Bf has noticed a few themes amongst my inspiration....Graphic prints in black and white, warm colours, and well, the fact that I have chosen too many themes..... we'll see what actually happens.... ;)

Monday, April 8, 2013

favourites: Festival Style

Over the course of the next 2 weeks or so, all kinds of lucky people will be attending the hottest music festival around, Coachella.  A few friends of mine are going, and I just may have to live vicariously through them.  It's hard to not get caught up in the amazing festival style that has become so big.  I've been searching the web to see what the latest looks will be for this year.  And as usual, Free People is on top of it.  They've thought of everything, great fashions, of course, a survival guide full of essentials, even a tent!

p.s. I may not be going to Coachella, but in August I'm going to Squamish Valley Music Festival.  So, there may be a bit more festival inspiration to come! Check out the line-up! 


Monday, April 1, 2013

On the Want List.... iphone case

It's official I've joined team iphone!  And now I'm on the market for an awesome phone case.  I obviously need the feature of phone safety, I may be the most clumsy person you know, but I also want it to be fun and pretty.  These are a few I found around the web.  
(Currently I have this Speck Case)

1.Kate Spade - La Pavillion Case $40.00
3. Forever 21 - Pyramid Spike Case $9.80
4. Urban Outfitters - Fun Stuff Mustache $16.00

Any suggestions?