Sunday, October 20, 2013

feeling young

image via
In just a little bit more than 2 months, I'll be turning 30.  
And, I must say, I think I'm dealing with it a lot better than I expected.  
(Much better than when I was approaching 25)  
That being said, I've noticed a few changes in my daily beauty routine.  I think I subconsciously started doing things with the mindset that I`m getting old and need to take better care of myself, I need to look younger.  I now realize that these are things I should be doing anyway.  I guess I've always been a late bloomer. 

A couple of months ago I started using a new face cleanser and have been loving it.  It's a cream cleanser that is supposed to be more gentle for my skin, compared to what I was using before.  And now I've added in doing an exfoliation wash once a week.  This has really helped with evening out my skin tone.

I've been flossing.  Let's be honest, we all tell our dentists we do it a lot more often than we do.  I can be honest in saying that I don't really floss, maybe if I feel like I have something in my teeth, but that's about it.  And lately, I've been flossing and using mouthwash a few times a week.  

I've been moisturizing like crazy! My face, hands, and more importantly, my neck! When I'm moisturizing my face in the morning, I'm making sure to include my neck.  And with the cold weather on it's way, I may even keep lotion in my purse.  

Whenever the age guessing game is being played (which isn't a fun game), I guess I'd be a winner.  No one ever guesses that I'm as old as I am.  Maybe it's all in my head but, this girl ain't getting any younger.
Any tricks you have to keep father time away?  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

double chins & garbage bins

top: Anthropologie
boyfriend jeans: American Eagle
necklace: Aldo
booties: H&M

This lady right here, she knows how to be classy.  Back alleys are a girls best friend.

I really enjoyed Thanksgiving weekend.  It actually felt long, and all the food was amazing.  And I must say, for our first time ever cooking a turkey, it couldn't have been more perfect.  
Mind you, I think we put garlic in absolutely every single dish, so forgive me if I keep my distance, I feel like the smell is just radiating off me!
Oh, and the best feeling after eating the amazing meal....unbuttoning my jeans.


So, you may have noticed the new name of my blog, Helloo Holly.  I've decided to bring things together with my shop on Etsy, Helloo Sailor and make all my different outlets a little more connected, and easier to find.
I'm working on a new logo and branding, and also looking for some help with site design (in case you know anyone!).  These changes have been a little while in the works, but hopefully soon to be finalized.
So please bear with me while we're under construction!
In the mean time, I've updated the listing of Helloo Sailor on this here blog, and if you see anything you like, head on over to my Etsy Shop!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

happy thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish everyone, in Canada, a Happy Thanksgiving! Get outside and enjoy this fall weather!
We're having a couple of friends over and are going to attempt cooking my first turkey.  I'll let you know how it goes! All I know is that our apartment is going to be filled with the yummiest smells, great people, and lots to be thankful for.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

sweater dress

sweater dress: Phillip Lim for Target
belt: Target
scarf: Club Monaco (hand me down from a friend)
boots: sooo old, I don't remember

First of all, I must say, what a beautiful fall weekend it was in Vancouver.  It reminded me of back home, walking through the Forks of the Credit, looking at all the trees as they change colours.  I love fall in Ontario. Anyways...
I've always been a fan of the sweater dress.  But as the different silhouettes over the years have changed, I think I've finally found one that suits me.  I decided to belt mine to create a bit of a waistline, but seeing as this dress has been in,  what seems like constant rotation, it's surprisingly versatile.  Worn loose with my jean jacket, or pulling the neckline off my shoulder and layering with some leggings.  Great for fall transition.