Wednesday, May 25, 2011

first taste of summer

I'm sooo super excited!! Closer to Christmas I told all of you lovelies about a Christmas present that one of my sister's got for the whole family, a week all together at a rented cottage! And guess what?? The time has finally come!! I leave tomorrow morning and will be gone for a week.This trip kinda snuck up on me. Work and life have been taking over (read: just work ;) ) and holy moly, where did the last month go??!! Last thing I remember, I was starting my new job and adjusting to working full time again. Now it's all a little bit of a blur, but a super fun, totally great blur.I won't have my computer with me, so this'll be a post free week. But, I thought before I leave you for a week (again...sorry!) I would share a few of my favourite summer outfit inspiration photos, because ya know what? I'm gonna be wearing my own versions hopefully all week!!

Yes, all of these photos are from Coachella! You can find them on my Pinterest Boards!
*Note to readers: please cross your fingers for me in hopes of good weather!!*

Sunday, May 22, 2011

beach bbq

The other night I had a little reunion, American Eagle style! One of the girls that used to work for me back in Ontario was here in Vancouver and we had the chance to get together and catch up. Another fellow AE-er joined as well. We had a beach bbq and let me tell you, this was the first of what will hopefully be many more all throughout the summer.
Blanket, drinks, hot dogs on the bbq, strawberries, beach, and sun = AMAZING!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

a little hello!

Hey Everyone! So, today is currently my Sunday. With my work schedule being different every week, I`m getting back into the swing of things and starting to be used to it all. So that does mean a few changes around here as well. I'm not going to be able to post everyday (which has already started decreasing :( ) and a few of my daily projects, such as travel tuesdays, may not get to happen on their allotted days. However, with all of that being said, I love my blog and all of you that read it, so we're not going anywhere. Instead, I'll be able to post 3-4 times a week, and travel tuesday will now become my travel diary. I hope you are all able to stick around while my life and my blog get the chance to reconnect again.
I'd love to give a big shoutout to all of you that have been by Anthropologie since its opening last Friday. We've gotten such a great response from the women of Vancouver, and I just know that the shopping and exploring of the store is just the beginning. Don't be afraid to see if I'm there, I'd love to say hello!
Now all you Vancouverites, go out and enjoy that sunshine!!!

p.s. that photo is from right outside my kitchen window, as we speak!!

Friday, May 13, 2011


After sharing with you all my fancy schmancy new plant, I started to think about green spaces within peoples homes and how common that style of living is really coming forward in the world of interior design. I know I just have one plant, but I feel its a move in the right direction. I came across a few of these photos of green spaces and just thought they were beautiful. I think people automatically feel more at ease with some greenery around them, so if it helps create less life stress.....I'm in!

All photos are from my Pinterest account.

Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend roundup

This was my first weekend that had a little bit of work in it (it definitely won't be the last!). So it did take a little getting used to. Saturday was a full day at my store, which is starting to look absolutely beautiful! (more on that at a later date).
Sunday was a nice lazy day. Did the grocery shopping for the following week. Do any of you love grocery shopping as much as I do? It's something I love doing with my Bf (silly, I know).
On Monday, my Bf and I went across the boarder to do some outlet shopping near Seattle. Let's just say my footwear collection has been lacking and nearly all my favourite pairs are bitting the biscuit all at the same time :( So this was a big replacement plan. It can be really sad to let those little guys go, but you know it needs to happen when you step out of the house and your foot gets wet.....even if its hasn't rained! All together, thats 3 pairs of boots worn to death and a pair of gladiators to replace that I wore out last summer in Europe. I ended up not getting any of those things.... instead I found a pair of brown, leather Madden Girl oxfords. You take what you can get...right? ;)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Princess Palm

I'd like to introduce you to the latest edition to my household, our new plant! She's a Princess Palm (of course she is, for those of you that know me ;) ) and we picked her out at our local IKEA. We brought her all the way home and by that time she was really thirsty, so she had a big drink and ever since then, she's just been hanging out in the corner near the fire place. I think she kinda likes it here and we like the splash of green she throws onto our walls. Welcome home Princess Palm!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

travel tuesday- Milan, Italy

I know it's least they both start with a 'T'....Today's destination is Milan, Italy, one of the fashion capitols of the world. During my visit there it was about a week or so before Fashion Week, so the city was almost at an eerie calm (assuming before the storm of shows, celebrity sightings, and after parties!). It felt like we had a lot of the sights to see all to ourselves, a nice change from some of the other busier cities from earlier in our journey. I did go through a little bit of allergy issues, and my Bf experienced some (read: alot) of mosquito issues. A few of really neat sights to see include the oldest covered mall (filled with lush, designer shops), the Duomo, Lla Scala (Opera house) and even a big castle!I can 100% vouch for the shopping in Milan. It. Is. AMAZING!! Such beautiful shops and so many different styles, there really is something for everyone, with lots of European flair!

Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend roundup

What a lovely weekend. And it was all brought to you by my Bf.
On Friday night, my Bf got home from work and quickly scooped me up and said, "put on some warmer clothes, we're going outside!". I had an feeling that we were possibly going down to the beach, but didn't know about the rest! On his way home he picked up a bunch of little treats from Capers, even strawberries and whip cream! And packed up a nice warm blanket for us to snuggle in. It was the perfect way to end the workweek and enjoy the sunset. What a guy.
I also don't have any pictures of it all, being a surprise and all, but i definitely painted a picture in my memory.
The other highlight of my weekend was the amazing weather on Sunday, nearly 20 degrees!
We spent the afternoon down at Jericho Beach, blanket and all, just soaking up the sun. And yes, its true i was in shorts and a tube top....and a scarf.
We brought a few snacks (left over strawberries), and I caught up on some reading. It was such a relaxing way to spend the weekend. I can't wait for more nice weather, so we can re-live this whole weekend!