Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend roundup

This was my first weekend that had a little bit of work in it (it definitely won't be the last!). So it did take a little getting used to. Saturday was a full day at my store, which is starting to look absolutely beautiful! (more on that at a later date).
Sunday was a nice lazy day. Did the grocery shopping for the following week. Do any of you love grocery shopping as much as I do? It's something I love doing with my Bf (silly, I know).
On Monday, my Bf and I went across the boarder to do some outlet shopping near Seattle. Let's just say my footwear collection has been lacking and nearly all my favourite pairs are bitting the biscuit all at the same time :( So this was a big replacement plan. It can be really sad to let those little guys go, but you know it needs to happen when you step out of the house and your foot gets wet.....even if its hasn't rained! All together, thats 3 pairs of boots worn to death and a pair of gladiators to replace that I wore out last summer in Europe. I ended up not getting any of those things.... instead I found a pair of brown, leather Madden Girl oxfords. You take what you can get...right? ;)

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