Thursday, May 5, 2011

travel tuesday- Milan, Italy

I know it's least they both start with a 'T'....Today's destination is Milan, Italy, one of the fashion capitols of the world. During my visit there it was about a week or so before Fashion Week, so the city was almost at an eerie calm (assuming before the storm of shows, celebrity sightings, and after parties!). It felt like we had a lot of the sights to see all to ourselves, a nice change from some of the other busier cities from earlier in our journey. I did go through a little bit of allergy issues, and my Bf experienced some (read: alot) of mosquito issues. A few of really neat sights to see include the oldest covered mall (filled with lush, designer shops), the Duomo, Lla Scala (Opera house) and even a big castle!I can 100% vouch for the shopping in Milan. It. Is. AMAZING!! Such beautiful shops and so many different styles, there really is something for everyone, with lots of European flair!

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  1. sigh.. I'm dying to go to Milan.

    One of these days... hopefully.


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