Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend roundup

What a lovely weekend. And it was all brought to you by my Bf.
On Friday night, my Bf got home from work and quickly scooped me up and said, "put on some warmer clothes, we're going outside!". I had an feeling that we were possibly going down to the beach, but didn't know about the rest! On his way home he picked up a bunch of little treats from Capers, even strawberries and whip cream! And packed up a nice warm blanket for us to snuggle in. It was the perfect way to end the workweek and enjoy the sunset. What a guy.
I also don't have any pictures of it all, being a surprise and all, but i definitely painted a picture in my memory.
The other highlight of my weekend was the amazing weather on Sunday, nearly 20 degrees!
We spent the afternoon down at Jericho Beach, blanket and all, just soaking up the sun. And yes, its true i was in shorts and a tube top....and a scarf.
We brought a few snacks (left over strawberries), and I caught up on some reading. It was such a relaxing way to spend the weekend. I can't wait for more nice weather, so we can re-live this whole weekend!


  1. beautiful photos <3 you two are so adorable!! and i love your scarf, such a pretty color!!

  2. WHAT an ideal weekend, the sunshine was fantastic. And strawberries on the beach? Perfection! I think I have the same scarf as you :)!!!

  3. uh, your boyfriend needs to call my boyfriend and tell him to kick it up a notch. haha. what a sweetheart!

    And to answer your Q re the headband, there's a post up on MTV FORA showing how to make it :)
    It's linked on my blog too. Enjoy!

    Niki from A Haute Mess

  4. You are adorable, and I love the color of that orange scarf!



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