Monday, August 29, 2011

is it Wednesday yet?

So, here it is, Monday....... the Bf doesn't get back till Wednesday.
I've managed to not burn down the house and I've been able to feed myself regularly.
Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

I miss him.
This photo is the first of us as a couple (3 years ago this winter!).

p.s. don't tell him, but I've kind of enjoyed sleeping in the middle of the bed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

a little scoop of heaven

I've gotten word the the Bf has safely landed, and the surprise couldn't have gone any better!
I'm so glad it worked out.
On Saturday night (the night before the Bf left), we went on a little mimi-date. No dinner, no movie, but frozen yogurt instead! We went to this little place on West 4th Ave called Scoop. And, holy moly, it was soooooo good!! It was our first time trying it and how it works is you pick your flavor of frozen yogurt and then you pick all your own toppings and sauces from their amazing buffet. Be a touch weary though with the amount of toppings you put, they sell it to you via weight. That could be one hefty little sundae! But, totally worth it.
We finished off our evening with a little walk down near the beach.
I hate goodbyes.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Tomorrow my Bf leaves for Hungary to visit with family for 10 days (he's not Hungarian, but his Step-Mom is). His trip has been in the works for a bit, but wasn't finalized by any means until roughly 2 weeks ago. We needed to sort out logistics and a little bit of money woes, but now he's finishing up his last day of work before heading out tomorrow afternoon.
Hungary is such a beautiful place. He'll be about an hour or so outside of Budapest, in a little village called Lovas. We visited when we were on our big European adventure last summer and I just loved it (I hadn't quite made it there far in Travel Tuesday, but don't you worry, I'm going to get us caught up in no time). It's a small little vineyard village where everyone knows one another and takes the time to say hello, which in Hungarian 'szia' (pronounced see-ya. sidenote: 'hello' means goodbye, yes i love the irony too). His Step-Mom is even the Deputy Mayor!
This means that I'm Bf-less for a whole 10 days!! We'll see how this goes, it'll be the longest we've ever been apart (even when I went home for a visit a few moths ago, it was only for a week!). I hope a) I don't burn down the house and b) I don't starve.

Feel free to check up on throughout the week.....just in case!

These are a few photos from our visit last summer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

getting it right

A little while back my Bf surprised me with these. I had a rough couple of days at work and he wanted to show that he cares, and just wanted to see me smile again. Don't you love when they get it right?

p.s. I recently finished reading 'Water for Elephants'. I liked it, but haven't seen the movie yet....worth it?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Berries

Last week the Bf and I went berry picking out in Ladner. It was such a pretty drive once we got out of the city and we had to go over this really neat bridge with turquoise panelling (one car at a time, of course). I had intentions of picking strawberries so I could use my Mom's recipe for Strawberry Pie, but they were already done for the season. Instead, we picked raspberries and tayberries, which were jsut as equally yummy.
One for my basket, one for me.
One for my basket, two for me.....
Thats how you pick berries right?

We picked up some fresh potatoes too!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Victoria was such a cute place to visit. It's history is all around you, which is a little different than in Vancouver. I really loved being down by the main marina and walking through all the little markets. Also, the shopping! Such amazing little shops and boutiques. And you had to make sure you turned down a few little ally ways to ensure you didn't miss any hidden gems.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


No, I'm not talking about Sookie Stackhouse, I'm talking about Sooke, British Columbia. This lovely little town played as the backdrop to the Bf and I's little mini vacation on Vancouver Island. It was heaven! This little Bed and Breakfast called The Ocean Wilderness Inn was a hidden gem surrounded by a ravine leading down to an oceanfront beach. We spent our days hiking, sunning and relaxing, all while enjoying the views and a few good meals.

Photos from Victoria to come!