Thursday, August 25, 2011

a little scoop of heaven

I've gotten word the the Bf has safely landed, and the surprise couldn't have gone any better!
I'm so glad it worked out.
On Saturday night (the night before the Bf left), we went on a little mimi-date. No dinner, no movie, but frozen yogurt instead! We went to this little place on West 4th Ave called Scoop. And, holy moly, it was soooooo good!! It was our first time trying it and how it works is you pick your flavor of frozen yogurt and then you pick all your own toppings and sauces from their amazing buffet. Be a touch weary though with the amount of toppings you put, they sell it to you via weight. That could be one hefty little sundae! But, totally worth it.
We finished off our evening with a little walk down near the beach.
I hate goodbyes.

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