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Looking for a Guest Blogger?
Want to do an interview?
Need some fresh post ideas? 
I can help you with all of these things! 

Merchandising and Visual Display   
I have over 10 years of experience in the Fashion Retail Industry working with both apparel and hard goods. From this I've learned how to market product through visual display, outfitting, and overall store cohesiveness.  I'd love to help your boutique, store, product, or whatever you have in mind, really shine at it's full potential.  
The key to beauty is having confidence in yourself.  
I can work with you for dressing for a special occasion, reorganizing your closet, keeping up with the latest trends, or even as a shopping buddy.
I can work on photo shoots, featuring both apparel and home decor.

Social Media
With all the different social media outlets that exist, it can get a little tricky keeping it all straight.  Why not let me do it!
I can run your facebook page, twitter, instagram, and pinterest. Update your audience with the latest and greatest information.

I do both freelance and contract for all types of work.
Please contact me at hollyostler@live.com for any inquiries

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