Monday, February 10, 2014

that time we borrowed a baby

A couple of weeks ago, the Bf and I borrowed a baby and went for a walk around Kits Beach.  Ok, we had permission.  We took the cutest little lady for a walk, while her Mamma took a nap and got a few things done.  It was actually a lovely afternoon.

Which, of course, brought on quite the conversation.  I (made the mistake of sharing) shared what I knew we were both thinking, "So, this is what we look like with a baby." Let the thousand of questions begin.

We talked about whether or not we want kids, if we do, when do we want them, what we want to accomplish before we have kids, what we want after.  Then leading to how would we raise our kids, and where, how will we support them and literally went on for a while.  

It was quite sweet to hear some of the things coming out of the Bf's mouth.  And although this discussion brought on a lot of unanswered questions, it also brought on a lot of smiles and swooning.  The thought of my man being a Dad is....well, he'd be amazing.  

All this being said, we don't have children in our direct future, but perhaps one day.  It's nice to know the option is there.  

Anyone need a babysitter?

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