Tuesday, July 30, 2013

cue, shoes

top, handbag, maxi skirt: Anthropologie (last year)
necklaces: Stella and Dot, Forever 21
sunnies: H&M
watch: Walmart
bracelet: Helloo Sailor - mint
sandals: Charloette Olympia, via The Room at Hudson's Bay

This time last year, I was gearing up for the 30x30 challenge (here).  The main point being the no shopping for a month, while wearing only 30 items from my closet.  
This year I'm gearing up for a shopping ban (read: getting out of debt).  I just know I can't be the only one with some debt.  Right? Whether it be credit cards, student loans, or starting a new business, I think we all have some.  I'll be honest in saying that this isn't my first debt, I managed to get back to zero after travelling and moving to Vancouver.  That being said, I'm confident that I can do it again.  
This time my debt consists of taking 2 months off work last summer and taking a Californian road trip, and taking a month off when my Dad passed away.  So, for obvious reasons my debt isn't completely frivolous. 
Cue, Shoes.
These pretty, shiny, Parisian, amazing sandals were my last item before the shopping ban.  I am no longer allowed to shop for anything... clothing, accessories, jewellery, and shoes....oh shoes.  
sad face.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


I haven't had the best short hair experiences in life  In elementary school, I had a bit of a mushroom cut, and the kids called me 'umbrella head'.  Not a great school year.  And once in my teens I had it just above my shoulders, and my hair was just starting to grow with a bit of a wave in it, and well, styling it was near well impossible.  Lots of ponytails.
Well, I decided to try it again.  And think I've found the sweet spot.  Just tickling the the tops of my shoulders, with razored ends so it's not too blunt.  (about 3 inches or so gone!)
 The perfect summer haircut.

I do still have my blunt bangs, and loving them.  
Try The Shop in Dunbar Village.  I'll definitely be going back!

tank top: Vince c/o
sandals: Gap 
necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs
sunnies: Target
watch: Walmart

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the woods are calling

Sorry things have been silent around here.  I've been working inventory at my day job, and well, for anyone that's ever worked inventory anywhere before (including myself), it's basically the worst thing ever.  It's mind numbing, it's meticulous, and makes me go a little crazy....I'm talking fits of laughter for no reason kinda crazy... but none the less! it must be done! 
So, to celebrate being freed from the 9 to 5, the Bf and I are going on a camping trip this weekend.  I'm looking forward to relaxing, being quiet, and sleeping.  All things I haven't done for about a week now.  
I hope you all get out there and enjoy your weekend! Get a little sun on your shoulders, and perhaps a drink in your hand.  I'll be cheer-sing you from in front of the campfire!!

*Let's be honest here, my 9 to 5 is more like 6 to 3..... oh man, i miss sleeping in.
*this pretty photo was taken by the BF. i know, he's a keeper.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

almost all white

This is about as close to an all white ensemble as I get.  I haven't been able to find the perfect pair of white jeans, so instead, I adore these light grey jeans that have a darker grey floral print on them.  Monochromatic meets floral print....I'll take these as a close second. 
None the less, dream jeans, I know you're out there.
This is a bit of a classy little photo shoot, Kea even smells the ground next to a garbage bin.

white shirt: H&M 
grey floral jeans: Level 99/Anthropologie
white shoes: Le Chateau
jean jacket: American Eagle
necklace and bracelet: Helloo Sailor
watch: Anthropologie 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

summer to do's

This summer things are a bit more relaxed and quiet.  The Bf is working a bit extra this season, so big trips and camping weekends aren't really options this year.  That's ok though, we're trying to enjoy some downtime, and experience more things in our own backyard.
I'm such a list maker and so, like previous years, I've made a summer to do list.  This year there are a few repeats from the past, but also a few new and exciting things to try.

1. Try paddle boarding for the first time (we can thank groupon for that!)
2. Hang out at a music festival - Squamish Valley Music Festival (check out the line up here)
3. Run a 5km - Planned for September!
4. Watch an outdoor movie
5. Take a day trip to White Rock
6. Swim as much a possible
7. Visit the Food Truck Festival (every Sunday in Olympic Village)
8. Have a yard sale
9. Read in the sunshine
10. Spend as much time with Kea as possible

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

weeks, months....who's counting

Wow, moving week seemed to turn into moving months, 2 to be exact....oopsie! 
ok, that's a lie.  
Moving week was just a week, but I took a little more time off to get used to our new routine, settling in/home-ifying our new place, and getting Kea comfortable sleeping in a new area.  
Now that things are (semi) normal in real life, my Internet life is going to get there too.

p.s. I may have finally unpacked the final box this past weekend.  It had shoes in it.....lots of shoes.