Tuesday, July 2, 2013

weeks, months....who's counting

Wow, moving week seemed to turn into moving months, 2 to be exact....oopsie! 
ok, that's a lie.  
Moving week was just a week, but I took a little more time off to get used to our new routine, settling in/home-ifying our new place, and getting Kea comfortable sleeping in a new area.  
Now that things are (semi) normal in real life, my Internet life is going to get there too.

p.s. I may have finally unpacked the final box this past weekend.  It had shoes in it.....lots of shoes.


  1. Yes! I love finding boxes of shoes! I love your dress! Where is it from? I miss you :) H.

  2. Gosh moving sucks! I just moved about four months ago, and I am STILL emptying boxes :/ I love that photo!


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