Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the woods are calling

Sorry things have been silent around here.  I've been working inventory at my day job, and well, for anyone that's ever worked inventory anywhere before (including myself), it's basically the worst thing ever.  It's mind numbing, it's meticulous, and makes me go a little crazy....I'm talking fits of laughter for no reason kinda crazy... but none the less! it must be done! 
So, to celebrate being freed from the 9 to 5, the Bf and I are going on a camping trip this weekend.  I'm looking forward to relaxing, being quiet, and sleeping.  All things I haven't done for about a week now.  
I hope you all get out there and enjoy your weekend! Get a little sun on your shoulders, and perhaps a drink in your hand.  I'll be cheer-sing you from in front of the campfire!!

*Let's be honest here, my 9 to 5 is more like 6 to 3..... oh man, i miss sleeping in.
*this pretty photo was taken by the BF. i know, he's a keeper.

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