Sunday, July 7, 2013

summer to do's

This summer things are a bit more relaxed and quiet.  The Bf is working a bit extra this season, so big trips and camping weekends aren't really options this year.  That's ok though, we're trying to enjoy some downtime, and experience more things in our own backyard.
I'm such a list maker and so, like previous years, I've made a summer to do list.  This year there are a few repeats from the past, but also a few new and exciting things to try.

1. Try paddle boarding for the first time (we can thank groupon for that!)
2. Hang out at a music festival - Squamish Valley Music Festival (check out the line up here)
3. Run a 5km - Planned for September!
4. Watch an outdoor movie
5. Take a day trip to White Rock
6. Swim as much a possible
7. Visit the Food Truck Festival (every Sunday in Olympic Village)
8. Have a yard sale
9. Read in the sunshine
10. Spend as much time with Kea as possible

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