Monday, July 11, 2011

Check Mark

So, I've already checked off something on my summer activity list!! The Bf and I went to the Drive-in the other night! It's so much fun and there's so many traditions that go along with it. We watched Super 8, which is AH-mazing!!! Definitely recommend!! And Transformers, which has my other Bf in it, so you can't go wrong there, oh Shia......... anyways, a little off topic, that guy always distracts me. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of this fun adventure, but luckily I have photos from another recent adventure.
Last week the Bf and I went for a hike at Bromh Lake. We packed a picnic and a blanket so we could rest (read: bask in the sunshine) half way through. We're getting a lot better at this outdoor, more active lifestyle that Vancouver has to offer. And if I do say so myself, I look rather sporty, which is also a bit new to me ;)

...nobody puts Baby in the corner...


  1. wow it looks incredibly beautiful here - and i loooove your dirty dancing reference soo cute xx


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