Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Market

This past weekend I was off from work, and filled it with all kinds of holiday fun!  On Saturday the Bf and I visited the Vancouver Christmas Market.  It is one of the top ten rated Christmas Markets in the world and is designed after the markets across Germany.  
We went in the evening to watch all the twinkle lights and enjoy some carols.  We drank mulled wine, adored all the ornaments, and ate a lot of food.  We enjoyed pretzels with mustard, Bavarian sausages with onions and sauerkraut, and a Belgium waffle with  chocolate and whipped cream.  Needless to say, my belly was very happy! I definitely recommend a visit, the market goes till Christmas Eve!
I took a some photos on my phone.  Oh! and you can keep you mug...I mean, stein... for a small deposit!


  1. Those waffles look amazing! I'm hungry now! (: Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog- you are adorable! xo

  2. wow where is this and why have I never heard of it??

    Missing Van and you! <3

  3. Oh gee I love these pictures! Look at all the snow! There's NO snow in Utah but it's bitter cold! Thanks for your comment hon!

  4. I need to take a trip there! Soon!

    found the route


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