Thursday, February 23, 2012

the dog search is on!

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The Bf and I have been searching for a dog, a new member to our little family.  And surprisingly, it's been a bit difficult.  Besides the obvious of wanting to give every dog out there a good home, there's quite the application process, a good amount of competition from other people and a lot of dogs go very quickly.  
We have gone to see a few dogs, and we got a bit attached to this one little cutie.  She had a few other applications on her, but we still put one on her anyway.  We played with her for a little while and then she crawled right into my lap and fell asleep.  She stole our hearts! Then, just the next day, we got the call that she was adopted by another family.  I knew we had a small chance, seeing as there were other applicants, but I was kinda surprised how disappointed I was.  
This process is wearing on me a little bit.  I know I shouldn't get attached to each one, but at the same time, I think that shows how much love our little dog would get.  
We're going to see another dog on Friday, and I'm trying to hold in my excitement (eeeep!).  
Cross your fingers for us!!

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  1. stay strong. As I said it took me a long time before I got Nashi and now I'm super happy I didn't get those other dogs coz she's the best. You will find your Nashi soon enough <3


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