Wednesday, March 28, 2012

so small...getting bigger

Yep, Kea's doubled in size since we've got her.  And right now, she's got a chubby belly and a lot of extra skin around her neck and shoulders, so that means another growth spurt is about to happen.  I bet she'll double again over the next two to three weeks or so.
We still love our crazy little lady!


  1. Awwww, too bad none of our babies can stay the same size! My 2 year old is the same way: I noticed this morning that he's getting chubby and that can only mean one thing: he's about to get even taller!

  2. She is so precious! Your puppy updates are really making me want one of my own :)

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

  3. Aw she is so sweet. We have an American Eskimo and we just got her shaved, I don't think american eskimos are supposed to be shaved cause she looks a bit odd. Poor pup!


  4. She is adorable! Makes me want a puppy but with 3 dogs and baby I think our quiver is full for the time being.


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