Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It feels like Monday is ever lasting this week.  Well, make that Tuesday, Monday was a holiday this week.  I was lucky enough to have Sunday off and only work a half day on Monday, so I got some quality time with my loves.  I have to admit though, I finished work on Saturday afternoon, and I didn't leave the house until I had to go to work on Monday afternoon.  The weather forced it upon us! It rained nearly all weekend long, so what's better to do than watch movies all day? Watching movies all day in your pajamas! And snacking all day long! And building a fort! ....ok, there was no fort, the Bf wouldn't let me.  I really wonder sometimes what he has against living room forts, it's only pillows, blankets and amazing-ness! Oh well, maybe I'll just have to build one when he's not home and have an amazing time without him.
Wow, I don't quite know if most of that made sense....oh well, at least you get to see a cute photo of Kea.

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