Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 You know what I love.....picnics.  They are such a sweet way of spending some time together outside with some good food.  Whether its with your love or friends, just relaxing, talking, reading, whatever you want.  Over the weekend we definitely weren't the only people out there having a picnic, the sunshine was just inviting people out there.  We made up a couple of sandwiches, potato salad, ice tea and a few other things and took our shoes off on the blanket.  This summer there will be plenty more where that came from!


  1. Love picnics and it's the perfect way to take advantage of this heat wave we are experiencing...

  2. I love picnics! It's kind of a pain getting everything packed up (and battling the wind trying to blow trash everywhere) but it's definitely worth it. I'm planning some beach picnics this summer :)

  3. awwww Kea looks soo cute!! Just like Abby - they both have huge smiles!! xoxoxo


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