Tuesday, June 5, 2012

glass half full

Well, here I am with my freshly baked cookies and a glass of milk, to tell you about my latest news.  And if I can say, thank you to all the supportive comments on my mention of a change coming up.  I'm leaving my current job in retail management.  I've been feeling like it's time for a bit of a break.  I'm at a point in my life where I have all these 'things' that I want to try and the list has been growing as time goes by, so why not now.  I have a few plans in place, including a couple of courses, and the hope of some freelance writing and blogging, now it's just a matter of putting it all in motion.  Remember when I said I may need to lean on you for some support? This is kinda what I meant.  Any suggestions, contacts, advice or just moral support is kinda what I'm looking for.  It feels a bit scary to be trying out new things in a place where I don't know a lot of people, even after being here for a year and a half, but it's kind of exciting too.  I've always been a glass half full kinda gal.  Here goes nothing!


  1. Good luck in pursuing what you want to do Holly. Sometimes you need to leave things behind in order to move forward :)


  2. Glass is always half full and good luck with what you are about to embark on. Very exciting times! Look forward to reading about it :-) xx

  3. how exciting that you are going for something new and different, i think that's so courageous! if you have faith and put your heart and soul into it, you can do it!!! what kind of writing would you like to do?

    I wish you well and look forward to your journey:)

  4. congrats to you for stepping out and taking a chance on your dreams! Afterall, isn't that what life's supposed to be about? Good luck! I'm excited to hear where your journey takes you!


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