Thursday, June 7, 2012

purple dress

These photos were taken last week when the sun was actually shining in Vancouver.  This week, not so much.  It's been rainy and grey and it's making me crazy.  I know, I'm speaking to the stereotypical blogger conversation of weather, but when it's gloomy out for more than a day or two, there is nothing else to talk about except for how gloomy it is.  We're heading into the middle of June here people! 
Thank goodness in just over a week, the Bf, the dog and I will be piled into our car leaving for our road trip down the west coast.  We're taking the coastal highway all the way down to Los Angeles.  We'll be doing a bit of camping, and hotel-ing all along the way.
I couldn't be more excited!  
I guess technically I don't mind if it rains up until we leave, it'll make the feeling of vacation that much sweeter!
If anyone has suggestions of places to go, things to do and see along the coastal highway or in a few of our stops, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle, I'd love to hear them!

dress: h&m (last summer), belt: ae, boots: sample sale, necklace: gifted watch: anthropologie 


  1. looking good lolly xo miss ya

  2. Oh wow, my boyfriend and I are pretty much doing the same trip next year (when we book it) so will be lovely to see where you go! Have fun and love the boots! x

  3. Love your hair color :)


  4. Cute skirt :) The weather is awful here too, so at least you're not alone :) x

  5. you don't need boots in ontario!!!


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