Tuesday, September 11, 2012

30x30 recap

So, there they are, all 30 outfits!  Ashly stated that it was a bit of an "a-ha moment" for her to see all of her outfits in one big collage, and I have to say I completely agree.  This is one months worth of outfits using only 30 items.  Crazy!

A couple of things that I learned from this experience:

1. 30 items is enough.  I just like having a few more choices.... within reason.  (you thought I didn't learn anything there for a second, fooled you!)  I found that near the end, I was having a little trouble being creative with my styling, and would be like, "if only I had____". I like a couple more choices, and I'm ok with that.
2. I love summer dressing! I admit that this challenge would be much harder in the colder months.  Layering and keeping warm comes to mind and automatically I feel like I need 5 sweaters on.  30 items would be extremely difficult.
3. I can keep my shopping under control.  The only shopping that I did was at the big Sale I told all of you about, and I did that with a plan and it made a big difference.  Also starting a new job pretty much right at the beginning of this challenge made things a little extra stressful.  While working with all kinds of different fashion items for my entire work day, I challenged myself to not look at it as a cute sweater, but as a product I needed to make look good, in order for the company to do well.  This helped a lot, this and not letting myself dilly dally around after work saying "I'm just going to look".
4. Ashly is awesome! It really helped having a partner in crime while completing this challenge.  We were able to lean on each other in moments of weakness, bounce outfit ideas of each other, and generally support each other through the process.  If you're not reading her blog regularly, you're missing out! Go see!!

What am I looking forward to the most, now that the 30x30 challenge is over?

Well, to be honest, I'm most excited about expanding my work wardrobe.  If you remember, I have to wear all black, and it's one thing to have a black top on with black pants, and another to have those two things on and have them be a cohesive, young professional, looking outfit.

And of course, being able to wear my all of my other favourite things. They must be feeling so neglected.
Closet, I'm coming!!


  1. Amazing!!!!! I love this post! I have to say a 30 for 30 in the winter isn't that much harder... just sayin! Good job girl! I was happy to have a partner in crime as well :-) ur awesome too !

  2. You did such a great job :)

    xo Jennifer


  3. I came over to your blog from Ashley's - I did the SeaWheeze - did you? this 30x30 looks interesting - where dod you get the idea from?
    Thanks for blogging!!!


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