Thursday, September 6, 2012

jump and jack

I'm back! Whoa, what a whirlwind trip!  The Bf and I went last minute camping in the Okanagan near Vernon for the long weekend and it was so great.  Beautiful scenery, yummy food and really relaxing sums it all up.  
Packing for this trip went really quickly and that's all thanks to this 30x30 challenge.  I wasn't wasting time humming and ha-ing over what I thought I might feel like wearing two days from now.  And proved to me that I don't need to pack everything, plus the kitchen sink.  
I owe you my last five outfits and recap, and those are all coming over the next 2 days, be ready!
Oh, and I apologize in advance for taking over your news feed ;)

Check out Ashly's final outfits and her recap! 
(she's such a good blogger, she stayed on schedule)

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