Wednesday, October 3, 2012

favourites - fall trends

cozy knits
Fall is fully upon us now, as we get into October, and I find that fall fashion is sometimes easier to shop for now compared to end of August/start of September.  I take a lot of my style inspiration from everyday people on the street, bloggers, and magazines, so I take my time observing and letting it all soak in before taking the next step.  Now, I may be a little different in my next step, but, I'm all about my favourites.  It's important to have your seasonal staples in your wardrobe, but I update those pieces with my absolute favourite trends.  These are a few photos of inspiration.  Thoughts?

p.s. You may have noticed, I'm all about favourites, so a new feature on the blog is going to be all about my favourites! It could be about trends, books, decor, food, it really could be about anything.... perhaps those close to my heart... ;)
the colour burgundy
leather everything
peplum and stripes
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