Monday, March 11, 2013

Holiday Season in Review

Get ready for photo overload.  

I thought I'd catch you all up on my what I did over my holiday season.  We managed to keep up a lot of our family traditions and frankly I think we did rather well, considering. 
My sisters and I visited the Hudson's Bay at the Eaton Center, in downtown Toronto, to see the Christmas Window displays.  We used to go when we were kids every year and made a day of it, such a good tradition.  

We also did the job of picking out, putting up, and decorating the Christmas tree.  Picking a tree was pretty easy, seeing as we fell in love with the first tree we saw.  While decorating the tree, we decided to purge some of our old (read: broken/ugly) ornaments and decor.  Let's just say, it was a long awaited task.

I attended a friends annual gingerbread house making party.  Holy moly, these girls are good! A few ladies prepared for the task by researching ideas online, meanwhile some invested in professional grade tools to help with icing and such.  It was pretty competitive, but such a great night. 

And lastly, my sisters and I had a girls day and got our hair done, ate some sushi for lunch and walked around the Burlington Village Square.

Oh, and with the big day being my birthday as well, Mom got me my favourite cake.  An ice cream cake with Santa Claus on it.   
I was really proud of Mom, my sisters and I this holiday season.
Even though we missed Dad like crazy, we still managed to make each other laugh with silly gifts, enjoy good food together, and made some new memories.  

I may be a bit behind, but I hope nothing but the best for you all in this new year!


  1. So glad to see these photos! You have an amazing family..
    xoxo Jo

  2. Oh my, you weren't kidding about the gingerbread houses. Those are amazing!

    And I love that first picture of the Eaton Centre, made me a little nostalgic for Christmas/Ontario :)

  3. Oooo Happy Birthday (I know very late but whatevs!) Those gingerbread houses are amazing! My mum bought me a mold this year but I never got round to using it so will be doing this Christmas! xx


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