Monday, November 21, 2011

Save Big, Live Better

Hello all!
I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be doing a guest post for Holly!
My name is Julia and I am a Frugal Living Specialist! My site, Save Big, Live Better!, was created to help you save money in order to live a better life!
What started my passion for saving and frugal living? My husband and I had a beautiful baby girl 6 months ago, and there is really nothing like a new baby to teach you the value of a dollar! So, I began searching  for every possible way to keep our money where it belonged…in our pockets!
I became so good at saving (to the point that I get PAID to take my groceries home sometimes!) it was noticed by family and friends who, of course, all wanted to know my “secret”. After teaching them where I’d found my info and directing them to several different sites, I could see the confusion that was occurring, and that would only lead to frustration. So, I decided to put all the info in one place, while adding my own learnings in the process! And Save Big, Live Better! was bornJ
At Save Big, Live Better!, you can find everything from sales, promotions, printable coupons, savings tips, frugal living articles, recipes, crafts, and MORE! Including a fantastic monthly installment of “Dare to Compare-Fashion Done RIGHT!” written by Holly! A great article on how to get the expensive designer looks for less, for the frugal fashionista!
Have a look, share the savings with your friends and family, and make sure to check us out on Facebook! Click "LIKE" to receive real time updates, and Holly’s awesome articlesJ
Some recent posts: Dare To Compare-Fashion Done RIGHT! Loyalty Programs-Which One Should Earn A Place In Your Wallet? How To Get Things For FREE!FREEBIE!-Listerine Whitening Plus Restoring OVERAGE ALERT!—Charmin Shoppers Drug Mart-MEGA BONUS Redemption Event!

Thanks so much Julia! Make sure you all check out all the amazing deals over at Save Big, Live Better.
We could all use a little extra in our wallets these days!

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