Wednesday, November 7, 2012

favourites: Home Office

 I've been obsessed lately with the thought of a home office.  A little space, within our little space, that is all my own.  A place for blogging, working on projects, and organization of all my little things.  I've been searching Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and so far these are some of my favourites.  I think the key is keeping things simple and clutter free, as well as personalizing your space.  Using photos, inspiring words and a touch of greenery will motivate me to actually get some work done.  
I also came across this amazing feature on The Anthology, Workspace.  It features the workspace of lovely local ladies, such as, Miss Melissa, Style Spy's Erica Lam, Alicia Fashionista, I'm the It Girl's Anya Georgijevic, and many others.  These ladies have amazing style and it carries into their home offices.  Check them out!
Let's see if I can come up with something just as inspiring.
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