Friday, November 16, 2012

private cafe

We've been without a dining room table for quite some time, and meals at the coffee table were getting a bit tiresome.  So, when this little dining set fell into our hands we were quite relieved.  
It made Saturday morning pretty much amazing, catching up on some magazines while eating fresh bread and homemade jam, along with a hot cup of tea.  Oh, and some fresh flowers really made it feel like my very own  private cafe, view included.
You may just find me there this weekend as well! Happy Friday!


  1. I love it! It's nice and cozy and the view isn't bad either.

    I have that Domino issue too. Wish they never got rid of it.

    Enjoy your weekend Holly :)

  2. Great view! Love your coffee table and fresh flowers...

    Pls. check out some of my looks on

  3. what a great little space! i would love a private cafe all to myself. :)


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