Monday, November 11, 2013

slow weekends & grey touques

anorak jacket: Aritzia (last year)
sweater: H&M
olive green jeans: TOPSHOP
boots: too old to remember
grey toque: TOPMAN (Calgary!)

Now that November is well on it's way here in Vancouver, things have become a little quieter and cozier at our place.  The Bf is now back to his regular schedule of Monday to Friday, after working like a crazy man this past summer.  We've finally gotten back to having weekends together.  We're spending nice quiet mornings at home with homemade breakfasts, watching movies in the afternoons, and one of my favourite weekend things to do together is taking Kea for walks.  
I think we're all happiest when the three of us are together.  
These photos are from last weekend while we were out running some errands in our neighborhood.  I had just gotten back from Calgary, AB and needed something familiar and low key.  It was a pretty slow moving walk, but it was just the right pace. 
What are some of your favourite weekend things to do this time of year?

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  1. Loving this layered look! Yay for the cozy weather!
    xo TJ


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