Thursday, November 7, 2013

what would you buy?

I saw over on Ashly's blog, Ashly & Monkey, she asked a very important question, "If you went on a shopping spree tomorrow, what would you buy?".  This thought came about because there is a new Anthropologie store opening in Park Royal in West Vancouver (Friday, November 8th!).  As old staff members we were both asked if we were interested to work a couple of shifts to help set up the store, with the reward of a one day only shopping day with our old employee discount, 40% off! Soo excited!!
So, I thought I'd play along and come up with a few of my favourite things.... not a tough job.

I decided to go down the home decor and accessory route.  With winter pretty much upon us, all I want to do is nest and be super cozy, so touques, table runners, and spice jars are just the ticket!!

Soooo.....the questions remains.  What would you buy?

one. a striped touque with some tomboy charm.
two. the cutest little spice jars.
three. a holly-day inspired tea towel.
four. a winter white touque with a huge pompom.
five. a pillow with a message.
six. a luxe fur cowl.
seven. the best two tone fedora ever.
eight. a chevron table runner to add some glitz.  

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