Thursday, January 9, 2014

must love dogs - 3 easy steps to a cuddly dog

spring 2013
Kea is a very cuddly dog.  I like to think she got that from me.  We pet her and snuggle with her everyday, and I really do think that's how she shows reciprocation to the showers of love we pour all over her.  Making a connection and having little sweet moments with your dog is really what it's all about.  These 3 easy steps are regular things we all pretty much do with our puppies, but being a bit more conscious of it, will result in a snuggly, cuddly dog.  

1. Keep that pup close to you. Hold them, cuddle them near your face, rub your nose on their nose (yep, like an Eskimo kiss!), and pet and play with them all over their cute furry little bodies.  I found that this helped Kea to learn that I was her Mama, and we created a connection by having those little moments.  As well as, it teaches that your face is not an area for scratching or nipping.

That being said....

2. Don't be afraid to get a little scratched up. I know, puppy teeth are basically like needles, but I think it's important to have your hands near their mouth.  It's helps them to know the difference of what's edible and what's not.  Maybe get some extra Polysporin and band aids to keep in the medicine cabinet if this lesson takes a little longer to sink in.

3. Baby talk.  I talk to puppies the same way I talk to babies.  A higher pitched, soft voice can help them feel at ease, and more comfortable.  And this helps pups associate the action of being cuddly with the tone of your voice.  

Like I said before, I'm definitely not an expert, but these were things that I was practiced with Kea, and came out with the best results.  A loving, snuggly, cuddly dog.

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