Monday, January 13, 2014

must love dogs - Everett Crowley Park

We love taking Kea on walks and hikes, and we do have a few regular places and routes, but now and again it's fun to try somewhere new.  This past weekend we went to Everett Crowley Park, near the Burnaby boundary, to try out their trails.  They offer both on and off leash routes.  We usually prefer off leash for Kea.  She's really well behaved off leash and won't run off to far, that and she just enjoys herself that much more.  
The park had packed earth pathways that were easy on my joints, and were also nice and wide.  There were big trees lining the pathways with some short shrubbery.  The city is doing a lot of planning in this park, as there were lots of young trees and saplings as well.  It sits up top an escarpment with viewpoints of the Fraser River and near by farms.  The over all route we took was probably close to 4 km, so a good distance for Kea (and us) to get some exercise.   
This park was a little further away, so we did have to drive, but parking wasn't a problem.  There were a lot of free parking areas around.  
Kea also likes to be quite social on her walks, so there was a good amount of other dogs there for her to meet and play with.
All in all, Everett Crowley Park was a nice change to our regular scenery.  I'd recommend visiting before sunset, as the views won't disappoint.  Have fun!


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