Thursday, April 21, 2011

little life

Do you ever feel like everything is finally coming together? Like your life is at least a glimpse of what you've always hoped for? Like the all the hard work and strife has finally paid off?
I don't blame you if your not quite able to say yes to all or any of these questions, but for the first time in my life, yes is a possibility. Yes is approaching. Yes is so close, I can nearly grab it!
I wanted to let all of you lovelies know how much I appreciate all your kind words and support over the last few months. And you know what? Its all gonna happen for all of us really soon, I can feel it. So, here's some positive energy coming your way! Grab it! Hold on to it! And cherish it! And while your at it, spread it! And pass it on!

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  1. Dear Holly - you are adorable. I love your enthusiasm and energy and spirit! This blog was so nice to read - especially when I like you so much!!


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