Sunday, April 3, 2011

weekend roundup

this weekend went by so quickly!
Friday evening was spent catching up with a great friend. Coffee turned into dinner, which turned into a movie. I love those nights, laidback easy plans that you just don't want to end.
Saturday was just lovely. My Bf and I walked around our neighbourhood and had lunch at a restaurant on Broadway. Yummy Fish & Chips!! We did a few errands while we were out, but mostly dillydallied around admiring the sunshine and the blooming flowers and trees. In the evening we had dinner with my Bf's dads, friend's, wife and her son and his girlfriend. did you follow that?? We went to Havana on Commercial Drive. One word, sangria. The food was decent but the pitcher (!!) of sangria was better! My Bf and I tried to share one to ourselves and when we were ready to go there was still half left! So, i joked to the waiter for a take-out container for the rest. And would you know, he went along with it, and brought me a bunch of dixie cups. Yes, I filled a cup and brought one home. Just one though ;)

Sunday, I stopped by the Nifty for Fifty Sale and oh man! it was packed in there! Tons of great stuff and for awesome prices. I didn't end up picking up anything, but thoroughly enjoyed sifting through everything. The rest of Sunday was spent between Costco and my couch. Oh and about 4 hours of watching the Kardashians. What a perfect way to try to forget that Monday is coming!

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  1. those photos are so beautiful. I'm so happy spring is finally here :)


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