Monday, April 11, 2011

travel tuesday - Barcelona, Spain Part I

Todays' destination is Barcelona, Spain. My Bf and I were there for about 5 days. We spent 3 of those days in a small beach neighborhood just outside the city, Badalona. It was such a lazy, relaxing and sunny time on our trip. We spent most of that time at the beach, which has such rich sand thats very light in colour, perfect for that in between your toes feeling. Amazing food, sangria and tapas anyone? Why, yes please! Oh, and no, I didn't eat at that McD's (1st photo). I have tons of photos from this amazing place, hence the Part I, so the first group are more beach related.

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  1. these posts are so cruel it's november outside today! spain is right up there on my list of places to visit asap, looks so beaudyfull


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