Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend roundup

Well, for one thing, I left my couch once this weekend to get groceries.
Otherwise this weekend was filled with pillows, blankets, movies and naps. Sounds like heaven actually. This was my last weekend before I start my new job and my Bf and I were ready to spend the whole thing together. With all of this being said, I took zero photos.
However, on Friday I did a bit of a crazy thing. I went on a walk (read: I didn't realize it was going to be a hike). I walked from our place all the way down through Jericho Beach, Spanish Banks and made my way up Acadia Road near the University Endowment Lands. Holy Moly, I went far!!! Luckily I had my phone on me which has Google Maps on it, otherwise I might have been lost and very stranded.
The plan for the day was a little walk and then make my way back to meet up with my Bf for lunch. And let me tell you, I did it!!! I made it to his work right on time!! But all this meant I couldn't stop walking. I had to keep going and not stop for soooooo long! Thank goodness something made me bring a water bottle.
So, overall about 4 hours of walking equaled approximately 16 Km of walking. All that and I ended up with a blister the size of a quarter on the bottom of my foot. No wonder I didn't get off the couch.
4 hours people, I apologize ahead of time for the photo overload.

Oh and p.s. The self portrait photo there, in case you didn't notice, I got my hair done (its a little wind-blown in the photo). The bangs are back baby! Well sort of, I'm used to having bangs that are always side swept, and now I'm trying them straight across. Anyone have any suggestions or tips as to how to style straight across bangs?


  1. i would go on 4 hour walks if i got to pass by a beach!!

  2. yay for spring and all the flowers and blossums!

  3. what lovely pictures! love all the flowers!


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