Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fam Jam 2011 Part 1

I'm finally getting my act together and posting about my amazing family vacation. As you know, my sister planned this trip as a Christmas gift last year, and we were all so super excited about it. My family is really close and we love just hanging out with each other.
Come Friday night we all finally arrived at the cottage (including my furry nephew!), we got unpacked and sat around catching up with each other. Starting the following day and on through the rest of the week memories were being made. Flying kites, playing badminton, boating, sunning, reading and most definitely laughing. We were super lucky weather wise, it was the first taste of summer weather in Ontario. And it helped having the cottage right on the water, that meant a nice breeze to keep the humidity away.
Now that its all over and we're back to regular life, I know we all miss each other a little bit more.

*there's more to come of my family fun!!

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