Monday, June 27, 2011

Sand in my Sandles

Morning Everyone!
I thought I'd start out the week with an outfit post. This is hopefully... (not the first, but other attempts were basically an epic fail) .... the start of something new here in my little corner of the internet and I'm really excited to get started. This is going to become a learning experience for both me and the Bf. I apologize in advance for all my amateur/awkward posing and my Bf's ability to point and shoot with my little Canon PowerShot.
This little photoshoot took place on our way home from an amazing dinner at All India on Davie St, Downtown Vancouver on Saturday night. We decided to walk down near the water and enjoy the view from English Bay.

top/jacket/sandles/watch: American Eagle, skirt: Anthropologie, purse: Vintage


  1. You look great Holly! Love the bright colour on the skirt and your sandals are perfect. Sounds like a cute date with your boy!

    Xo Chelle

  2. Love the outfit.

    I still haven't stopped by Anthropologie on S. Granville.. yet.



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