Monday, January 16, 2012

3 days to go!

In just a few days the Bf and I will be taking the red eye heading to Toronto.  We'll be spending 9 days with family and friends and experiencing our very first 'Christmas Re-do'.  At least, that's what my Dad is calling it.     I'm looking forward to having big family meals, sharing some drinks with friends and definitely relaxing.  This is my first bit of time off after the holidays, and I feel it's well deserved! Also, in order to squeeze as many days together as possible, I'm working an 8 day stretch, 3 days to go! 

p.s. I'm still deciding whether or not I'll be bringing my laptop with me.  I might go through withdrawal..... 

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  1. enjoy your time away. it's so great to just unplug completely. and thanks for your visit today!


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