Tuesday, January 31, 2012

back at it

A whole nine days later, and I'm back at it.  Our trip home was a whirlwind, full of visiting friends, spending time with family, eating amazing meals, and packing up the rest of our lives.  
It was so great to see everyone, and catch up over the last year.  Spending time with family was relaxing, except for the excitement of my oldest sister flying in from Nova Scotia for a quick visit.  Love you!!
One of the more exhausting things was sorting through the rest of our stuff that we left behind before we moved out here to Vancouver.  I tried my best to be as selective as possible when choosing what would come out here, via a pallet.  Some favourite kitchen items, clothing, and a few family photos.  
These are a few of my favourite moments, thanks everyone for such an amazing visit!!


  1. yay I made the blog!!! I like the snuggled up one! and FYI 9 days was not enough!!

  2. Aw it looks & sounds like you had a wonderful time visiting your family! Cute photos :)

    <3 Shawna


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