Monday, April 30, 2012


We made it home without any Sasquatch sightings! 
What beautiful scenery, this was the view from the lake right at our campsite.  We spent our weekend sitting by the fire, playing the the dog, hiking, napping and enjoying each others company.  Oh, and eating lots of food.  We made some jiffy pop (a camping tradition),  halloumi and sausages and smore's made with reese peanut butter cups.  Best thing ever!
We had decent weather, but the evenings were a bit cold, hence the last photo, so I bundled up.  
The only thing that wasn't the funnest, I took a bit of a spill while hiking and hurt my back and knee a bit, but a few days of taking it easy and I should be fine.  I forgot my Canon EOS 20D so these shots are from my Canon Powershot.  
Here's to our next trip!


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