Wednesday, July 11, 2012

moments like this

I now realize that I may have gone overboard with the summer road trip photos (read: hope I didn't bore you to death), but it's more so memories like this one that stay in my mind the most.  
Seeing all the touristy landmarks are cool. Ya know, so when people at the next table over when you're out for dinner are talking about their upcoming vacation to San Francisco and getting so excited to ride the cable car, you can lean over and tell them, yeah, I've been there! it was fun!! you've gotta do it! but $6 feels like a lotta money for one ride! 
All while trying not to be a vacation know-it-all. 
Clearly I got a little away from myself.
What I really enjoy the most is spending time with my 2 loves.
...anywhere really, as long as the 3 of us are together.


  1. What a precious dog. Love it!
    -Art a la Rue
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  2. it's so absurd how much they charge for a cable car ride! i mean get serious! and no transfers either!


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