Tuesday, July 31, 2012

taste of summer

This summer I've been addicted to all things fresh fruit.  There's nothing that tastes better than in season cherries fresh from the market.  I think I could eat the whole basket in one sitting (don't judge me, you do it too!).  I've been finding that when I'm really craving something refreshing on a hot summer day, my go to is whatever fruit we have on hand, and it cools me down and fills me up.  On their own, or mixed with yogurt or salad, makes for a meal.
cherries, strawberries, peaches...oh my!
Look at me, being all healthy and not even knowing it!

I'm off to the market to get some more fruit!


  1. Yes guilty I have been known to eat a whole punnet of cherries in one sitting. Really great photos by the way I want strawberries now!

  2. omg I LOVE strawberries! and here is the strawberry mountain!!
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. I have been a fanatic too, one day i ate the crate of strawberries in 2 days, well, maybe one even!!!

  4. oooh, some of the best cherries in the world come from BC... I really feel like I'm missing out on Canadian summer treats since moving to Australia... where it's all winter veg like kale and pumpkin for the time being... it's a pleasure to *meet* your blog!

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  5. I'm drawn to fresh produce because it just looks so pretty displayed in the market. Being healthy for me is just an added bonus I guess.

  6. Yum! This really makes me hungry! Love your blog. I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you would follow me back too :)



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