Saturday, August 4, 2012


Today kicks off the first day of my 30x30 challenge! 
You all probably know the blog Kendi Everyday (if not, where have you been!), and her amazing 30x30 challenge.  There are no real rules, but basically you pick 30 items from your closet to make outfits from for 30 days.  You can challenge yourself in so many different ways, so I've decided that during the 30 days, I'm not allowed to shop.  I'm hoping that this will help me appreciate what I already have, as well as save some moolah.  I also realized that I had to balance out clothing for daily wear, but also pick a fair amount of black clothing, to go with my new job.  I also decided to leave out shoes and accessories, mainly for the new job as well.  But, if you decide to follow along, or join in the fun, feel free to do so, or make any changes that suit your needs!
To help get me through the next 30 days, I've partnered up with a dear friend, Ashly.  
Her blog, Ashly & Monkey is soo sweet! Go check her out! You can follow along on our crazy adventure between both of our blogs, and we can't wait to keep you posted!  Wish us luck!
1. Pink Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters                   9. Cap Sleeve Dress - Gap
2. Black Tie-Waist Pant - Aritzia                              10. Black Tank Dress - H&M
3. Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters                         11. Denim Shorts - Joe Fresh
4. Black Jeans - Pink                                               12. Black Pencil Skirt - Le Chateau
5. Boyfriend Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters         13. Pink Shorts - American Eagle Outfitters
6.Striped Skirt - Boutique in Santa Monica              14. Floral Skirt - Boutique in Santa Monica 
7. Striped Dress - J.Crew                                       15. Sailboat Skirt - Anthropologie
8. Black Maxi Dress - Bootlegger

16. White V-Neck T - Pink                                         24. Black Cardigan - American Eagle Outfitters
17. Striped Tank - H&M                                             25. Grey Knit Tank - Anthropologie
18. Black Ruffle Tank - American Eagle Outfitters        26. Yellow Sleeveless Shirt - Anthropologie
19. Cheetah Tank - American Eagle Outfitters              27. Striped Long Sleeve T - Anthropologie
20. Mint T - Anthropologie                                          28. Heart Printed Blouse - Anthropologie
21. Striped T - Anthropologie                                      29. Coral Blazer - H&M
22. Chambray Shirt - American Eagle Outfitters           30. Pinstripe Blazer - American Eagle Outfitters 
23. White Knit Sweater - American Eagle Outfitters         


  1. I can't wait to see your (30) outfits. And congrats on your new job :)


  2. I've always wanted to try the 30x30 challenge! It looks like a lot of fun and it will test my creativity :)
    I bet you'll be amazing!
    xx Maria

  3. This looks awesome! I wish I was organized enough at this point to join you!
    I finally got an iron so I can get everything in my wardrobe pressed and wear more of it! I could do 30 days of dresses lol!


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