Monday, August 13, 2012

Rocks and Rivers

 The Bf and I spent our Saturday outdoors, it was just so lovely out, it was hard not too.  However, outfit photos kinda, accidentally took the back burner, hence no awkward posing and full body shots.
2 great things that happened on Saturday, firstly, while taking these photos Kea was splashing around in the river, and then out of no where, she began swimming! Now, Kea loves to splash around along the shoreline, but has only recently started full-on swimming. And she usually has to get a running start from the sloping shoreline, but this time she was already belly deep into the river standing atop some rocks, and then splash! she swam across and back again!! I think the other hikers around must have heard me, because I squealed as high pitch eeeeeee!! And if you know me, it was very high and very squeaky ;) 
I'm a proud mama of my water loving pup.
Secondly, I went to yoga at Kits Beach with Ashly, to finish off her Seawheeze Half Marathon Day.  And let me tell you, doing your practice and while watching the sunset and matching your breath to the waves is just magical.  I haven't done any yoga since the winter, so I was a bit rusty (read: struggling), but I managed to push through.  I'm definitely participating in beach yoga again!
Look at my girl go!!


  1. Kea's adoraaable!

    I love what you said "matching your breath with the waves." Well said.


  2. Dogs swimming always puts a smile on my face. So darn cute. Fabulous post, love! I've got some exciting news regarding my post. Hope you'll stop by to check it out. Oh, and thanks so much for the book recommendation. I have quite the must read list now. :) xo


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