Friday, August 24, 2012


I'm having a moment of weakness.  Well, to be honest, I'm actually kind of upset.  As part of my 30x30 challenge I can't shop for these 30 days.  And there's a very large Sale that I was hoping to attend this year, since last year I heard about it after the fact.  I was planning on shopping this Sale for some chic work wear for great prices.  And maybe even peruse the rest for some good basics.  The sale is 4 days before my 30th day, sooo close to the finish line! 
I'm really torn as to whether or not to make an exception.  
Any thoughts? 

See how Ashly is doing with our x challenge! 
She had a moment of weakness too, see how she coped!


  1. Go to the sale, crazy lady! this 30 for 30 challenge is really for YOU. if it helps you see your closet in a new way, then it was a success! I don't think it should be about following rigid rules. so go to that sale and shop away without one shred of guilt! (p.s. I bought a few items while doing my 30x30 and just didn't wear them until it was done) :)

  2. Where was my intuitive text to help you through this crisis?!!! lol. I know what sale you are talking about too! Its the aritzia one! right? Don't do it! The only exception I say is if there is something you already know you want, and you've been wanting for a long time... but if you're just going to browse, and see what you stumble upon ... its not worth it! We'll get through this together ! haha. :)


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