Saturday, August 11, 2012


Week 1 done! 
So far through this challenge, I feel like I haven't worn as much of my 30 items as I should have.  I guess work is to blame for that, but still.  I'm looking forward to see what next week brings, as I get closer to
 half way.  
I was pretty tired come the end of this week, but in the best way possible.  I feel like I've achieved something, both completing my first week of work, and of this challenge!! 
We had a pretty easy Friday night, a visit to the dog beach, burgers, and a movie.  
Sounds good to me!
Have a great weekend!

Check out Ashly's Day 6 outfit! And see how two words, from yours truly, saved her from a shopping temptation!!!


  1. Yay only 3 more weeks to go. Keep it up :)

    Love these photos.


  2. I love this outfit!!!! And I am so jealous you can pull off such a cute hat! I'd be too scared... :)

  3. I love the hat Holly, it suits you so well. This is a great challenge by the way :-) x


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