Wednesday, August 29, 2012

almost there

Only 5 days left! 
I opened my closet door yesterday and said to all my other clothes, "I'll see you soon!"

So, remember back on Day 19/20 I was talking about a big Sale coming up that I really wanted to go to?
Well, after talking it over with Ashly and a couple of friends, I've decided to go....but, with a plan.
Operation: chic work clothes
I pulled out all of my black clothing in order to see what pieces I have and how many different outfits I could make with what I already own.  This taught me that the items that I currently have are a bit sporadic and I need a few key pieces to fill in the holes.
Here's what's on my list.  
1. Black Blazer
2. Black Trousers
3. Black light layers

I rationalized my decision like this:
I know that once my 30x30 challenge is over, I (with Ashly) plan on doing a little fall shopping.  But what I actually need is some work clothes for my new job (it's almost been a month already!).  I know I'll end up doing some of that shopping at the same store, and figured, why not shop at huge discount prices (who cares if it's last year/season), instead of getting something nearly identical for full price.  Now the thing that I need to remember is that, yes, it is a warehouse sale and I can't get out of control.  
I can't just buy everything.  
I need to shop smart and not go overboard!

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  1. The challenge has gone by so fast. You're doing a great job Holly :)



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