Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pattern Mixing

 When I first put on this heart printed blouse with my striped skirt, I was like...umm, weird?...but then it grew on me, and I loved it! I wore it out for a dog walk and a coffee.  
The other new thing about this outfit, is that I've never worn this blouse buttoned up all the way.  I felt it was screaming for a fun peter pan collar necklace, but since I don't own one, I improvised with print inspiration.
I think a peter pan collar necklace is on my fall must-have list!
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I'm singin in the rain! wait, where'd my umbrella go?! 


  1. I like the two print together!


  2. Love this look! And yes I too have been trying the peter pan look, and it felt strange at first but now I love it. Very girly.


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